MacGuffin Launches

MacGuffin's a literary jukebox. It hosts stories and poems in both text and audio form, so you can either read, or stream on the go. Anyone can upload their own stories and poetry, and there's lots of great content by Comma authors, too.

It's built to be really searchable. Find stories or poems by searching for tags (keywords that describe the content) according to genre, form, theme, title, author, location or even length. 

Click here to try MacGuffin

The Android beta is available at Google Play

Google Play We'll be phasing-in the iOS app over the coming weeks, so watch this space.
"Might be one of the smartest things any publisher has done in some time." – The Observer.

If you tried the beta version, you might be interested to see some of the new features:
  • New tabs on homepage for Trending Stories, Recently Published, Highest Rated, Most Completed and Editor's Picks.
  • Easier Upload Interface with improved formatting
  • Less annoying Rating Prompt
  • Sharing a story on social media allows non-signed-in users a preview read/listen
  • Improved analytics panel