Kate Clanchy

Kate Clanchy is the author of three collections of poetry, Slattern, Samarkand and Newborn. In 2009, her short story, The Not-Dead and the Saved won the BBC National Short Story Award. She has also written a children’s book (Our Cat Henry Comes to the Swings) and a memoir of her friendship with a Kosovan Albanian asylum seeker, What Is She Doing Here?: A Refugee’s Story.

Her poetry and seven radio plays have been broadcast by BBC Radio. She is a regular contributor to The Guardian newspaper; her work has appeared in The Scotsman, the New Statesman and Poetry Review. She also writes for radio and broadcasts on the World Service and BBC Radio 3 and 4. 2009. She is a Creative Writing Fellow of Oxford Brookes University and teaches Creative Writing at the Arvon Foundation. She is currently one of the writers-in-residence at the charity First Story. Her poetry has been included in A Book of Scottish Verse (2002) and The Edinburgh book of twentieth-century Scottish poetry (2006).

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