The BBC National Short Story Award 2022

Format: Paperback
Book type: Anthology Short Story Collection
ISBN-13: 9781912697649
Published: 15 Sep 2022


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A woman, exhausted by work and motherhood, hires the services of a sinister firm that promises her a brand-new life…

Journeying across America to make a claim to an inheritance, a man must confront the shame and bigotry that has haunted his family for generations… 

A picture-perfect holiday threatens to unravel as two daughters come to terms with the uneasy dynamic of their new blended family…

The stories shortlisted for the 2022 BBC National Short Story Award with Cambridge University take readers on a journey through uncertain terrain: times and places at once familiar yet deeply unsettling. From the queer love story playing out against a desolate and disease-ravaged landscape, to a man’s earnest hunt for the killer of a boy who died in his arms, these stories are about outsiders, who seek safety and security in worlds that are chaotic, unfathomable, sometimes beautiful, and often brutal.

AUTHORS: Saba Sams, Kerry Andrew, Jenn Ashworth, Anna Bailey and Vanessa Onwuemezi.


'I think in a time-pressed world, a short story is the perfect way to connect with great literature without having to commit to a full-length book. A short story collection can be dipped in and out of, without diminishing the power of the whole.' – Elizabeth Day, Chair of Judges, BBC National Short Story Award 2022