Thirteen Months of Sunrise

A young girl collapses from hunger and is nursed back to health by a pack of dogs…

A grieving woman remembers her absent father and her failure to keep her promise to him…

A struggling writer conjures her muse into being, walking every inch of the city in search of inspiration…

In Thirteen Months of Sunrise – the first major translated collection by a Sudanese woman writer – Rania Mamoun expertly blends the real and imagined to create an intimate portrait of life in Sudan today. From brief encounters to unusual friendships, this startling and evocative debut illuminates human experience and explores the alienation, isolation and estrangement of urban life.

Translated from the Arabic by Lissie Jaquette, who was awarded a PEN/Heim grant to bring Rania’s work into English.


“These stories—possibly the first collection by a Sudanese woman to be fully translated into English—offer an emotionally intimate look at urban life and alienation, while demonstrating an impressive range of literary styles, from realist to reality-bending.” - Judges’ citation for the 2017 PEN/Heim Translation Fund Grants

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2 May 2019

About the Author

Rania Mamoun

Born in 1979, Rania Mamoun is a Sudanese author, journalist, and activist. She has published two novels in Arabic – Gre…
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