Fire Ready

and other stories

Format: Paperback
Book type: Short Story Collection
ISBN-13: 9781912697762
Published: 09 May 2024


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In the Australian outback, a lone farmer prepares her home for the latest in a growing wave of bushfires.  In Oxfordshire, an elderly man protests the cutting down of an ancient beech tree by chaining himself to its trunk. In 22nd century Scotland, two idealistic young doctors venture into the demonised Towers, residential areas occupied by a despised, obese, VR-addicted underclass…

The stories in Jane Rogers' much-awaited second collection shine an unflinching light on the future health of the planet, and the prospects for its primary tenants, us. Her characters find themselves simultaneously battling their own demons - the ravages of age, growing social isolation, and hostilities between communities - while being forced to take a personal stand on the oncoming climate crisis. Rather than despair at the little impact a single person can do, they offer inspiration for what we can all do, collectively.


‘There is nothing predictable about a Jane Rogers story. She has the confidence and skill to inhabit many different voices and different worlds. She takes us into offices and libraries, under the sea and into the forest, and also into the vast untrodden country of memory that we carry around inside. Her observation of our species is tender, precise, illuminating.’ – Hilary Mantel