Dangerous Driving

Format: Paperback
Book type: Poetry Collection
ISBN-13: 9781905583157
Published: 04 Oct 2007


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Chris Woods has been described by Anne Stevenson as 'a poet of hope for everyday life'. Influenced by his profession as a GP, his verse is both 'observant and unsentimental' (Douglas Dunn) and for all its precision is always driven by compassion and tenderness.

This second collection sees a richer and deeper exploration of key themes: the human exchanges at the heart of his practice as a doctor, the stresses placed on modern parents by a growing family, the impulse towards self-exile and isolation, as well as the means by which even the greatest losses and stresses can be survived.

As with his first book, Recovery, these poems remind us to take time out from our lives, from ourselves, and share with us both the pleasures and surprises that come with even the smallest skive…