Instruction Manual for Swallowing

Format: Paperback
Book type: Short Story Collection
ISBN-13: 9781905583041
Published: 01 Nov 2007


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Whether fantastical or everyday in setting, the stories in Adam Marek's debut collection lead us down to the engine room just beneath modern consciousness, a place of both atavism and familiarity, where the body is fluid, the spirit mechanised, and beasts often tell us more about our humanity than anything we can teach ourselves.


'There's a transgressive thrill to Adam Marek's debut collection of short stories that's not simply a result of the potency of the subject matter... delightful.' -The Guardian

'Early McEwan meets David Cronenberg.... genuine, unsettling talent' - The Independent

'Marek is terrific at setting an off-kilter mood.' - The National Post

'I had been writing, badly, and then I picked up Marek’s Instruction Manual and read the first story in one gulp in the bookshop and thought: "Stories can be like that?" Smart, funny, spawned from Marek’s characteristically wicked imagination and his preoccupation with weird science...' - Holly Dawson