Format: Paperback
Book type: Anthology
ISBN-13: 9781905583010
Published: 26 Oct 2006


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Millgarth Police Station reverberates with the early adrenalin-rush of a case they won't close for years.

A teenage boy trails the city centre bars of the eighties in thrall to his hero - a Leeds United football hooligan.

A single woman finds her frustrations with men confirmed speed-dating in a city re-invented as a party capital.

Bringing together fiction from some of the city's most celebrated writers, The Book of Leeds traces the unique contours that fifty years of social and economic change can impress on a city. These are stories that take place at oblique angles to the larger events in the city's history, or against wider currents that have shaped the social and cultural landscape of today's Leeds: a modern city with both problems and promise.