Tomato Cain and Other Stories

Featuring an introduction by actor and writer, Mark Gatiss.

FORTHCOMING: 14 July 2022


Originally published in 1949, Tomato Cain and Other Stories is the sole collection of short fiction by Nigel Kneale. Drawing on his experiences of growing up on the Isle of Man, many of Kneale's tales conjure up a remote, old-fashioned community where mythology and superstition are part of everyday life. Several stories go further, making imaginative leaps into the kind of weird, eerie territory with which Kneale would go on to make his name, as the writer of TV's QuatermassThe RoadBeasts and The Stone Tape.

Though garlanded with praise on publication – it won its author the 1950 Somerset Maugham Award – Tomato Cain has long since been out of print. In the face of a steady groundswell of interest, this new edition, published by Comma Press to mark the centenary of Kneale's birth, makes the collection available again at last, uniting the stories from both the original UK and US editions for the first time ever. It's sure to delight Kneale's legions of fans and indeed all admirers of skilfully-crafted short stories.


The short stories by Mr. Nigel Kneale collected in Tomato Cain are so good that

it would be insulting to call them promising'.


'As a new writer he is greatly to be welcomed, for by sheer tour-de-force he

breaks through the glossy surface of the contemporary British short story'

New Statesmen & Nation

'Writing extensively for film & TV, Nigel Kneale is one of the most important and

radical British screenwriters of the last century.’


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14 Jul 2022

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