Format: Paperback
Book type: Anthology
ISBN-13: 9781912697908
Published: 18 Jul 2024


RRP: £10.99

Refugee Tales V in Paperback will be available from 18 Jul 2024


Modelled on Chaucer’s Canterbury Tales, the Refugee Tales series sets out to communicate the experiences of those who, having sought asylum in the UK, find themselves indefinitely detained. Here, poets, novelists and other established writers create a space in which the stories of those who have been detained can be safely heard, a space in which hospitality is the prevailing discourse and listening becomes an act of welcome...

Featuring specially written stories (based on real-life testimonies) by David Mitchell, Daljit Nagra, Guy Gunaratne, Tess McWatt, Natasha Brown, Guy Gunaratne, David Flusfeder, Haifa Zangana and others.