The Book of Newcastle

The original Northern Powerhouse, the city of Newcastle has witnessed countless transformations over the last century or so, from its industrial heyday, when Tyneside engineering and innovation led the world, through decades of post-industrial decline, and lack of investment, to its more recent reinvention as a cultural destination for the North. The city has also always had an embarrassment of literary riches, with multi-awarding poets and novelists such as Sean O'Brien, Julia Darling, Chrissie Glazebrook, and others, taking continual inspiration from its awe-inspiring architecture and crepuscular backstreets.

The stories in this collection offer glimpses of this ever-changing city. From the woman imagining herself far away from Newcastle through phone conversations that are confined to her call centre, to characters’ mirrored contemplations on the Tyne Bridge, the ten authors showcased here aim to show that Newcastle is a city brimming with culture and writing talent which has been born out of its libraries and festivals.


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17 Jan 2020