Where the Road Runs Out


Gaia Holmes’ third collection of poetry transports us to the edge of things: to remote, treeless islands, to dark, unfathomable mines, to the gaping maw of grief. With frailty and ferocity, these poems map out the strange absences left in our lives when a rupture occurs – like the sudden appearance of a sinkhole – threatening to pull everything else down with it.

Where the Road Runs Out is a powerful and intimate portrait of loss, isolation, and ultimately healing. Above all, it is a paean to the landscape, and the myths, magic and mysteries that lie just beneath the surface.


‘More like incantation or witchcraft – Gaia’s poems are spells, taking the most ordinary and mundane of things, and working some metamorphosis on them, so they shine like stars – tiny but brilliant.’ – Sara Maitland

'Holmes chronicles the stages of grief – the awareness of approaching death, the loss and the recovery – with searing lyricism. This emotional journey, with all of its turns, is met with adroit and luminous verse. Insightful and often witty, Holmes faces the trials of life not only with her deft elegiac touch but with reserves of humour.' - Poetry Book Society Autumn Bulletin

'There’s a meditative quality to Holmes’s work which provides the perfect antidote to the frenzy of modern life. These are poems focused on individual moments, each one like a drawn-out breath.' - Nicole Melanson WordMothers

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Read three poems, 'Feckless', 'The Lord's Prayer' and 'Playing Alive' at And Other Poems

'It is certainly one of my favourite poetry books this year. Holmes’ imagery and language inspired me to look deeper into my own and rejoice in those landscapes, those gaps, hiding under the deadwood and pickle jars. There are poems here about being a middle-aged woman who isn’t a mother, there are poems about love and loss, there are poems trying to make sense of this mad world.' - Haley Jenkins at Selcouth Station

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24 Aug 2018

About the Author

Gaia Holmes

Gaia Holmes lives in Halifax. She is a free-lance writer and creative writing tutor who works with schools, libraries …
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