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After four years of Trump, America seems set to return to political normality. But for much of the rest of the world, that normality is a horror story: 75 years of US-led invasions, CIA-sponsored coups, election interference, stay-behind networks, rendition, and weapons testing... all in the name of Pax America, the world’s police. If you are not an ally of the US, in this ‘normality’, your country can find its democratic processes undermined and its economic wellbeing conditioned upon returning to the fold. If you’re not strategically important to the US, you can find yourself its dumping ground.

This new anthology re-examines this history with stories that explore the human cost of these interventions on foreign soil, by writers from that soil. From nuclear testing in the Pacific, to human testing of CIA torture tactics, from coups in Latin America, to all-out invasions in the Middle and Far East; the atrocities that follow are often dismissed in history books as inevitable in the ‘fog of war’.

By presenting them from indigenous, grassroots perspectives, accompanied by afterwords by the historians that consulted on them, this book attempts to bring some clarity back to that history.

Stories are accompanied by afterwords written by historians, providing historical context.

Afterwords by: Olmo Golz, Dr Emmanuel Gerard, Felix Julio Alfonso Lopez, Dr David Harper, James Sanders, Ertrugul Kurkcu, Francisco Dominguez, Maurizio Dianese, Julio Barrios, Dr Brian Meeks, Vic Figueroa Clark, Ramond Bonner, Daniel Kovalik, Meral Cicek, Iyad Jaber, Dr Ian Shaw, Matteo Capasso & Chris Hedges.

Translated by: Sawad Hussain, Jonathan Wright, Basma Ghalayini, Nicholas Glastonbury, Sara Khalili, Bret Maney, Diep Lien, Adam Feinstein, and Megan McDowell. 

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As featured in The Bookseller.

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Co-editor Ra Page said: "One of the memes that circulated round the Arab world when Biden was declared the winner of the US election in November was a cartoon of people cheering at a US drone dropping bombs on them, with the caption 'At least we're being bombed by a diverse, politically correct administration!' As America struggles to return to some level of political normality, now is a good moment to remind ourselves what 'normality' has meant for so many decades, to countries the US didn't look kindly on.

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23 Sep 2021