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Book type: Anthology
ISBN-13: 9781905583409
Published: 04 Oct 2012


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Programmable memories, fatherless reproduction, nano-tech implants, amphibian-powered scar treatment, full body modification, brain-scanning lie-detectors, inter-species reproduction, self-determining synthetic ‘green goo’…

Which of these would you wager is pure science fiction, and which currently being developed in the lab? Such is the speed and excitement of today’s bio-medical research – sprinting from the starting gun that was the Human Genome Project – it’s sometimes hard to tell. In a unique collaboration, fourteen short story writers have been invited to explore the increasingly grey area between the fantastical and that which is already within our reach. Closely collaborating with scientists and ethicists working at the forefronts of their respective fields, each writer has been tasked with predicting some of the potential ‘ethical side-effects’ of this groundbreaking work. Not all progress, after all, is progressive. And dark forces are afoot that threaten to hi-jack what many declared would be ‘the century of biology’. 

Supported by the Wellcome Trust. Dilys Rose's contribution was made possible as part of the European Short Story Network, with support from Creative Scotland and the European Cultural Foundation.

Featuring scientific contributions from:

Prof. Bruce Whitelaw, Prof. Martyn Amos, Dr Melissa Baxter, Dr Jane Calvert, Prof. Sarah Gilbert, Dr Jane Haley, Dr Nick. R Love, Dr Ian Vincent McGonigle, Dr Ainsley Newson, Dr Simon Stott, Dr Nihal Vrana, Dr Angharad Watson.


'Fascinating reading.' - Financial Times

Toby Litt's Bio-Punk story 'Call it ''The Bug'' Because I Have No Time to Think of a Better Title' short-listed for the 2013 Sunday Times EFG Private Bank Short Story Award. More info on Booktrust and The Sunday Times.

'An exhilarating read.' - The Short Review