The Book of Reykjavik

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Residents of a new apartment block find that the former residents have come home to roost...


A woman walking home from a night out feels she must keep looking over her shoulder...


A boy and his mother visit a graveyard on Christmas Eve, but run into mechanical trouble...


Reykjavik, on the coast of Iceland, is known for its striking architecture and Viking heritage which attracts a constant stream of visitors all year round to this diminutive capital city, home to a third of Iceland's population. 


Icelanders hold their writers and poets in the same regard as the heroes of their mythic past and have a deep-rooted love of literature. It is said every Icelander has a story up their sleeve: in this anthology we have gathered ten short stories by ten Icelandic authors which capture this vibrant, modern city that is brimming with creative energy, and unearth the cosmopolitan metropolis hiding in the guise of a small town.


Includes a foreword written by award-winning Icelandic author Sjón.

Translated from the Icelandic by Victoria Cribb, Philip Roughton, Lytton Smith, Meg Matich and Larissa Kyzer.

Published with the support of the Icelandic Literature Center. 

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8 Jul 2021